January, 2006

Memo from the chef

Making good soup is not rocket science. It involves using good ingredients. A colleague used to make his soup out of carrot peels. An innovative way to stretch the food costs, but how much flavour did the soup receive from the peelings? One of my past chefs shuddered at the thought when I informed him of this.

The Flow of food

First you need to assess the food handlers to determine what they need to learn. There are three areas we like to focus on in assessing training needs: attitude, knowledge and skills.

Training and Advancement
Getting new employees off to the right start through orientation builds confidence, and by clarifying expectations up-front, employees can better see how they fit into the big picture. While thorough training can be time-consuming, it increases productivity, lessening the chances of an employee feeling overwhelmed.

Make Sure Your Leftovers Don't Get Overlooked!

In the words of Mae West, “It’s better to be looked over than overlooked.” This axiom is very true for foods that are going to be saved and used for, or in, another meal.

Making the perfect pizza

The humble pizzapie,originally created as a snack item in Naples, Italy, has become a mainstay on many restaurant menus. Both kids and adults love the dish

A Walk on the Sweet SIde

In the foodservice business, menu planners need to be ahead of the game when it comes to ordering.

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